Early War Zinc Parrott Fuse Plug

This is a nice excavated example of an early war zinc parrot fuse plug.  It is 12 threads to the inch.  It has the recognizeable spanner holes for the wrench and the tapered hole in the middle for the paper time fuse.  There is one hairline crack at 12:00 that you can see on the close up but it is only mentioned here for accuracy, it does not take away from this neat piece.

Price:  $50 

Reduced to Sell  $45

Mint Condition Hotchkiss Percussion Fuse

This beautiful percussion fuse plug speaks for itself.  The cap unscrews to expose the plunger inside the plug.  The cap is stamped "HOTCHKISS / JUNE 17, 1862 / FEB. 24,1863 / PATENTED".  The stamping is light in some places and the dates are a little hard to read but clearly visible.

Price: $250


Mint Condition Schenkl Percussion Fuse

You can't upgrade this example!  Absolutely top shelf, the cap is marked "J.P. SCHENKL / PAT. OCT. 10, 1861" and the stamp is crisp and clear.  The anvil cap is frozen in the firing position.  The safety screw is intact.  It's purpose was to prevent the slider from shifting during the transportation, casuing a premature explosion of the shell.  The Schenkl shell with the percussion fuse was considered the most reliable  projectile in the Federal arsenal.

Price: $250


Non-Excavated 10.5" Naval Gimlet

This is a very nice example of a naval gimlet.  This particular speciman has a wood and brass handle with a corkscrew pattern at the base of the steel shaft.  Gimlets were used to remove broken friction primers from the vent hole of a cannon tube.  This is a rarer style and you won't find a nicer one out there for sale.

Price: Sold