Middle Tennessee Civil War Relics

If you don't know this website and it's owner Larry Hicklen, you don't know Civil War relics.  Opened in 1977, Larry offers one of the finest selections of Civil War relics in the business. 

Shiloh Relics

This on line site is owned and operated by Rafael Eledge, one of the top delaers in Civil War relics and artifacts in the country.  Perhaps you have seen him share his knowledge and expertise on the PBS Antiques Roadshow where he appraises Civil War items.

Franklin Relics

Bruce Hohler has been buying and selling Civil War artifacts for over 25 years.  He always has nice items at reasonable prices.  Stop by and see what Bruce has to offer.

Fort Donelson Relics

This site is owned and operated by John and Nikki Walsh.  They also have a brick and mortar relic shop at the entrance to the Ft. Donelson Battlefield.  Stop by whether on line or in person to visit John and Nikki.

Champion Hill Relics

This site is owned and operated by John Spicer.  The Civil War is his passion and he has been selling, digging and collecting artifacts for years.  He always has some very nice top shelf artifacts for sale at reasonable prices.  Definately worth dropping in and taking a look at his current inventory!

Jim Stanley and Associates

This site is owned and operated by Jim Stanley.  He has an excellent array of Civil War artifacfts as well as artifacts from many other conflicts from the Revolutionary War to WWII.  Stop in to take a look and browse the varied swelection of artifacts.