Miscellaneous Excavated Relics

Dug Texas/Mississippi Rosette/Martingale

This is an early dug stamped brass, lead filled rosette.  These have been excavated in both Texas and Mississippi Cavalry camps over the years but there has always been much debate about whether these were originally military or civilian in nature and just adopted by Confederate troops from Texas and Mississippi.  This is a very nice example of a dug one that was excavated in a Texas cavalry camp in Dalton, GA.  The three attachment pins on the reverse remain.  There is one very small dent in the bottom right "arm" of the star but it doesn't detract from this nice piece.  It is better seen in the close up photos.

Price: $225

Excavated Confederate Isaacs and Campbell Knapsack Buckle

Finding these two pieces dug together are getting harder to come by.  This is a beautiful example of this type of buckle which would have been on a soldeir's knapsack.  This was produced by Isaacs and Campbell of London and brought through the blockades to the Confederacy.  Nice deep chcolate patina on this one and the buckle arm moves freely.  The recovery location is unknown.

Price: $175

Excavated Leech and Rigdon Confederate Spur

This is a nice example of the highly sought after Confederate Leech and Rigdon Officer's spur.  This spur was found in Murfreesbro, TN on private property. When dug, the spur was in three pieces and has been expertly restored by Robert McDaniel.  

Price: Sold