Miscellaneous Excavated Relics

Solid Gold Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity Pin from Stones River

This super cool relic was dug on private property in Murfreesboro, TN in the known location of Confederate campsites.  The back of the pin is inscribed "A.J. Thomas".  Some quick research shows there were several Confederate soldiers at Stones River with the initials A.J. Thomas.  My best guess based on limited research is that this could be Andrew Jackson Thomas born in 1838 who served with the 28th Alabama Infantry Regiment, Company L at Stones River.  He would have been a young man of 24 in 1862 and could have just graduated or left college to enlist in the Confederacy proudly wearing his fraternity pin.  There were very few schools with Phi Kappa Psi chapters prior to 1862.  None were in Alabama but the University of South Carolina had one and many of this gentelman's siblings were born in South Carolina where he had family.  If you research it and confirm an identity I would be excited to hear for certain.  This piece has been photographed and catalogued by the State of Tennessee as well. 


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Excavated Sauebier Sword Guard

This is an excavated sword guard for a Henry Sauebier non-regulation staff and field officer's sword.  This distinctive guard has the eagle and shield with flags on the obverse side of the guard and the pierced four leaf clover on the counterguard.  This maker produced swords in Newark, NJ.  Recovery location unknown.




Excavated Jeff Davis Hat Badge

Very nice dug Jeff Davis Hat Badge for Hardee hat. Found at Camp Cooper Texas in the 1960′s. Camp Cooper was used from 1851 thru 1861. Albert Sidney Johnston and Robert E. Lee were both stationed there over the years. This speciman has no attachment hooks present.  Nice early recovery.