Miscellaneous Non-Excavated

Nice 1840's / 1850's era Powder Horn

This is a good solid example of a pre war powder horn for firearms.  Many Confede4rates left home in 1861 to join the war effort with their personal hunting rifle and equipped with a similar powder horn.  Great example of a transitional piece that began the war in great quantity and all but disappeared by the end of the war.

Price: $120

Confederate Tin Drum Canteen

Nice Confederate tin drum canteen loosely modeled after the M - 1858 canteen.  About 90% of the butternut cover remains and the  linen sling is attached.  The cork stopper is completely intact and was constructed as only a Confederate soldier can.  These canteens were either pre-war militia or sutler items.  A canteen exactly like this one was found at Gettysburg during the removal of Confederate dead from the battlefield.  This canteen is fresh out of a Tennessee estate and given the butternut covering it leaves little doubt that it was Confederate carried.

Price: $1,650

Reduced to Sell  $1,500

Pair of Personal Letters from Franklin, TN dated May, 1863

These two letters were written in May 1863 by Private Joseph E. Boyd of the 115th Illinois Infantry Regiment, Company D while stationed in Franklin, TN.  He is working on the breastworks at Ft. Grainger.  He, like most soldiers of the time, felt the war would be over soon and he would be headed home.  

Private Boyd joined the Regiment at 19 years old in September of 1862 and was killed in action at Dalton, GA on October 13, 1864.  He is buried in the Chattanooga National Cemetary.  During his time of service, his company was involved in action at Chicamauga, Atlanta, Resaca, Kennesaw Mountain, Peachtree Creek, and Altoona Pass.  After his death they would go on to fight at Franklin and Nashville.

Price: $295

Model 1858 Federal Bullseye Canteen

This is a Model 1858 bullseye canteen in good condition. Stopper and chain in great condition and still attached but no linen sling.  It still has it's original butternut wool cover attached. A good solid example of a bullseye canteen.

Price: $325


Pre Civil War "Batty" Peace Powder Flask

This Batty Peace powder flask is dated 1847 and stamped "Batty" with inspector initials of C.B. for Charles Boarman.  It has a patriotic motif and is in excellent condition with a pleasing bronze aged patina.  The spring lever works perfectly.  A few small dings from normal usage and one small dent on the bottom which can be seen in the photos.  There is a smal rust colored spot near the top of the flask but no evidence of any surface rust.  It's getting harder to find them in this condition anymore.


Water Keg from an Ambulance Wagon

This water keg came off an ambulance wagon after the Battle of Chickamauga per verbal provenance.  Each ambulance wagon carried two water kegs.  These kegs were made from oak and wrapped with iron binding straps.  Two of the straps were bent to make “feet” in order to keep the keg from rolling around in the ambulance wagon.  There are two plugs, a threaded one at the top and a spigot type valve at the side.  On this particular keg, four of the six banding straps are loose and can be taken off due to the contraction of the wood over time with no water in it.  No attempts to permanently re-secure the straps in place have been made.  The wood is still stable and tight and shows no sign of deterioration other than normal wear.  If you want a very unique conversation piece in your collection, this is it!


.58 Caliber Springfield Bayonet With Leather Scabbard

This is an orginal non-dug bayonet for the .58 caliber Springfield rifle.  The base of the blade is stamped with "US".  The locking ring and screw are also present.  The leather scabbard is in good condition with no flaking.  There is one bend/crease area on the scabbard and a small dent on the scabbard tip.  The inspector mark is stamped into the leather scabbard.

Price: $355