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Mississippi Cavalry Coat Button

This is one of the rarer Confederate buttons to recover!  Solid button in excellent shape with straight shank.  No repairs or damage.  Has the Hyde and Goodrich / N.O. backmark.  These don't come around every day.  This one was dug at a Confederate winter camp in Fosterville, TN, just south of Murfreesboro. 

Price: $800

Union Cavalry Model 1858 Forgae Cap 

This forage cap comes out of a North Carolina estate and is in very good condition.  It retains the original cavalry insignia attachment and eagle side buttons as well as the complete lining and sweatband.  The leather strap and brim are pliable and not brittle.  The cap shows definite signs of use.  There is some small mothing in a few places which can be seen in the additional photos.  This cap is a size 7 1/8 and was made by Lewis J. & Isaac Phillips of New York.  It is their Type II model.

This is a very nice example of this type of hat.  If you hold it up to your ear you can hear it play the Battle Hymn of the Republic!

Price: $2,600

We buy and sell a variety of American relics in Brentwood, TN

Non-excavated CS Two Piece "Richmond Style" Belt Buckle

This is a Confederate two piece buckle known as the "Richmond Style".  The tongue on this particular buckle has the exagerated serif lettering.  This is a non excavated buckle with a nice smooth patina.  

Price: $3,100

Non-dug U.S. Oval Buckle

Good condition non-dug lead filled U.S. oval belt buckle.  Nice bronze patina with arrow hook attachments.  If you want an iconic relic of the Civil War, this is it. 

Price: $315

1859 Sharps Carbine

The most famous, single-shot, percussion firearm used during the Civil War was the .52 caliber Sharps carbine.

Carbine has a 21½” long round barrel and a “straight-breech” type lockplate fitted to its walnut shoulder stock and fore stock. The worn markings found on top of the barrel are “SHARPS RIFLE / MANUFG. CO / HARTFORD, CONN.” in front of the sight and “NEW MODEL 1859” behind the sight. The bore is clear with sharp rifling.  All gunmetal is in good condition with a matte gray color patina overall. Patent stamps are present. Sharps patent stamps appear on the lock plate and left side of receiver. Lawrence patent stamps appear on lock plate and on the rear, flip-up sight. Serial number stamped unto the upper tang of the receiver. Breechblock operating lever mechanics operate smoothly. Hammer / trigger mechanics are crisp. One small piece of the Lawrence priming system situated atop the lock plate is missing.

Wood is good with wear showing obvious field use. Two well-worn inspector’s cartouches are visible. Features the iron patchbox in stock.

This is a nice specimen of a favorite Civil War carbine.

Price: Hold

Dug Confederate Officer's "Droop Wing" Coat Button

Very pretty excavated Confederate Officer's "Droop Wing" Coat Button.  Nice chocolate brown patina with vague hints of gilt.  Shank is slightly bent but strong.  this button was dug in Murfreesboro, TN.

Price: $250

Excavated Confederate "Block I" Infantry Coat Button

This is a very pretty Block I button with a nice woods patina that accents the "I".  Back is in good condition with intact straight shank. Verbal provenance is that it was dug in virginia but exact recovery location unknown.

Price: $145

Excavated Confederate Artillery "A" Coat Button

This is a nice example of an excavated Confederate Artillery "A" button.  Nice woods patina that really highlights the letter "A".  thank on the back is straight and intact.  This is a nice solid example of a confederate artillery button.  The recovery location is unknown.

There is not a hole in the button on the upper right, that is something on the camera lens. I will take new photos when I can but wanted to note that!

Price: $195

Dug Texas/Mississippi Rosette/Martingale

This is an early dug stamped brass, lead filled rosette.  These have been excavated in both Texas and Mississippi Cavalry camps over the years but there has always been much debate about whether these were originally military or civilian in nature and just adopted by Confederate troops from Texas and Mississippi.  This is a very nice example of a dug one that was excavated in a Texas cavalry camp in Dalton, GA.  The three attachment pins on the reverse remain.  There is one very small dent in the bottom right "arm" of the star but it doesn't detract from this nice piece.  It is better seen in the close up photos.

Price: $150

Id'd 8th Texas Cavalry Canteen - Terry's Texas Rangers

This is a nice star pattern canteen carried by Samuel Patrick Christian of Company K, 8th Texas Calvary - Terry's Texas Rangers.  He mustered in as a 3rd Lieutenant in 1861 and left as a Lieutenant Colonel in 1865.  Terry's Texas Rangers were prominent in the Western theatre of the war and spent a good amount of time camped nearby in Nolensville, TN prior to the Battle of Stones River.  These troops fought at Shiloh, Murfreesboro, Chattanooga, and Chicamauga.  It still has the butternut covering on one side.  The covering for the opposite side as shown in the photo and strap are missing.  This Id'd canteen from a prominent unit is from my father's collection and was purchased from Lary Hicklen in March 2015.


US Oval Belt Buckle on Original Leather Belt

Absolutely stunning US buckle on brown leather belt.  This one was most likely non-issued.  Leather is pliable and there are no tears, breaks,or bends.  Top of the line speciman for your collection.  

Price: $525

Signed Photo of General Dwight D. Eisenhower

General Dwight D. Eisenhower was an Army general who also served as the 34th President of the United States from 1953 until 1961. He was a five-star general in the United States Army during World War II and served as Supreme Commander of the Allied Expeditionary Forces in Europe. He was responsible for planning and supervising the invasion of North Africa in Operation Torch in 1942–43 and the successful invasion of France and Germany in 1944–45 from the Western Front. In 1951, he became the first Supreme Commander of NATO.

Price: $995

Signed Photo of General Omar Bradley

General of the Army Omar Nelson Bradley was a senior officer of the United States Army during and after World War II. Bradley was the first Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and oversaw the U.S. military's policy-making in the Korean War. 

Bradley served with distinction in Noth Africa and later commanded the U.S. First Army in Operation Overlord, the cross-Channel invasion of Normandy, on June 6, 1944. Bradley was the architect of Operation Cobra, the American breakout from the Cotentin Peninsula that unleashed the First Army and Patton’s newly activated Third Army into Brittany and across southern Normandy, precipitating the collapse of the German army that ended the campaign.

Price :$575

Signed Photo of General Douglas MacArthur

General of the Army Douglas MacArthur was an American five-star general and Field Marshal of the Philippine Army. He was Chief of Staff of the United States Army during the 1930s and played a prominent role in the Pacific theater during World War II.  He oversaw the successful Allied occupation of postwar Japan and led United Nations forces in the Korean War (1950-1953).  His most famous quote was "Old soldiers never die, they just fade away".

A little Civil War trivia - Douglas MacArthur's father was Lieutenant General Arthur MacArthur who fought right here in the Battle of Franklin.  He earned the Medal of Honor for his actions at Missionary Ridge.  In fact, Arthur MacArthur and Douglas MacArthur became the first father/son duo to win the Medal of Honor.

This is quite scarce as MacArthur did not like signing autographs.

Price: $1,295

Excavated Leech and Rigdon Confederate Spur

This is a nice example of the highly sought after Confederate Leech and Rigdon Officer's spur.  This spur was found in Murfreesbro, TN on private property. When dug, the spur was in three pieces and has been expertly restored by Robert McDaniel.  

On Hold

1/6 Plate Civil War Soldier, Wife, and Child Photo

Nice grouping of a Civil War soldier along with wife and young child.  This is one well armed soldier.  He has his cavalry saber, a side knife, and a pistol in his belt.  The belt appears to be a Confederate "Wishbone" type belt.  The buckle is not visible due to the placment of his sword but the holes on the belt look like those seen on belts with "Wishbone" buckles.  The shell jacket, however, seems to be a Union one.  When I purchased, the gutta purcha case was all but gone.  I have been trying to find a new case for it but have not found one yet so it does not come with a thermoplastic case.

Price: Hold

Model 1864 .58 caliber Union Cartridge Box with Sling

Model 1864 .58 cal. cartridge box with over-the-shoulder sling and breast plates intact as well as original cartridge tins.  The cartridge box remains pliable with maker's marks on sling and caretridge box.  The over-the-shoulder sling is completely intact with Eagle breastplate though it is missing the two wooden dowels that hold the breastplate intact.  The over the shoulder strap has an old repair where it meets the cartridge box to help reinforce the leather as that is one area that we usually see tears.  This is a very nice example for your collection.

Price: $925

Ames Model 1832 Artillery Short Sword

This Roman gladiator style artillery short sword was popular from the 1830's through the Civil War.  This 1832 sword is a first year production model.  This is an example of a Union made sword but these swords were produced by both armies during the war.  The stamping on the blade is very worn but reads "UNITED STATES/1832" on one side and "N P AMES/SPRINGFIELD" on the reverse.  The eagle above the Ames stamping is almost entirely worn away.  Beautiful blade on this harder to find 1832 dated sword.

Price: $600

Confederate Roller Belt with Holster

This is a fine example of a Confederate roller belt and hand stitched Confederat holster.  The belt is intact though there are a few very weak spots on it which I have tried to show in the photos.  The handstitched holster is fine shape though some of the stitching down the side has busted over the years.  This too is shown in the photos.  It has a very old tag on it that says "Seige of Vicksburg - 1863".  The tag is so old, I have been afraid to remove it as it could take some of the leather off with it.  My guess is this piece was taken home by a Yankee soldier as a souvenir from Vicksburg.  This piece has been in my personal collection for over 20 years.  

Price: $950

Model 1851 Non-Comissioned Officer's Belt and Buckle

This is a very fine example of a Model 1851 N.C.O. belt and cast brass Eagle sword belt plate.  The belt is in excellent condition and remains pliable with Inspector's cartouche.  The Eagle sword belt plate has a very pretty, rich, aged, bronze patina.  The silver wreath remains 100% intact.

Price: $550

Ames Model 1840 Cavalry Sword Dated 1848

This is a nice example of a more scarce 1848 dated Ames cavalry sword.  This is one of 3,800 sabers produced on contract with Ames in 1848 and issued to Federal Dragoons in the Mexican War then later issued to cavalrymen in the Civil War.  Its heavier weight earned it the nickname "Old Wristbreaker".  It is marked on one side “N.P. AMES / CABOTVILLE / 1848” and marked on the reverse "US / WD".  The original buff leather washer remains intact and in good shape.  Blade has minor normal age pitting with no dings and has never been sharpened.  the brass hilt is tight and the pommel cap is marked "WD / J.W.R."  The grip is in wonderful shape and retains 98% of the original leather intact.  The wire on the grip is a new replacement of the original wire.  Jeff Leathers did the work on this and was able to replace the wire without removing the hilt so it all remains untouched.  The steel scabbard has minor pitting from ages but no dings or dents.  The ring mounts are tight and secure.  This is a very nice example of a scarcer model Ames cavalry saber.

Price: On Hold

Union General Service Cuff Buttons

These nice dug buttons are Union General Service buttons and having been dug fairly recently they are in excellent condition.. Yes, nice things are still coming out of the ground.  These two buttons were both dug within inches of each other along the second day's battle lines in Nashville meaning they would heva been lost on Devember 16, 1864.  How often can you peg a specific date to a relic?  Nice solid buttons with shanks attached.  If you are familiar with the area, these were dug in Green Hills.

Price: $25 each

Model 1851 Union Sword Belt Plate

This is a Union Sword belt plate in beautiful non excavated condition.  It is cast brass with applied silver wreaths.  The keeper still has a piece of belt attached.  The patina on the buckle and the keeper are a little different so I'm not 100% sure they have always been together but it is the correct keeper and displays beautifully.

Price: $395

Had a blast teaming up with Destin Sandlin from Smarter Every Day to participate in this video.  He is a great guy and does some amazing videos on science and technology.  This video happened to be about pricision machining and he illustrated that concept through the Whitworth Rifle.  

U.S. Army issue Leather Cavalry Carbine Boot/Socket

Original Civil War U.S. Army issue cavalry carbine boot/socket.  Socket of thick sewn leather with leather strap. Very good, solid condition.  These were buckled to the D-ring on the lower right side of the saddle. When riding the trooper carried his carbine suspended from the carbine sling over his shoulder with the barrel pointing down and thrust through the socket to keep it from swinging wildly around while the horse was in motion. This is a basic and key piece to any Civil War or early cavalry collection. 

Price: $50

Confederate General Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson Print

This is a very fine example of a silver print from a copy negative circa 1900-1920.  It shows Confederate Gernal Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson.  Aproximate size is 5.5"x3.75"

Price: $40 

Non-Excavated Union Eagle Breast Plate

Nice example of a non-excavated brass stamped and lead filled Union breast plate.  Plate is in great shape with both loops remaining on the reverse.  One small rust spot on the front at the bottom as seen in the photo.  The initials B.A. are carved in the lead on the reverse.

Price: $295

Non-excavated Brass Infantry Horn

Nice example of a Federal stamped brass infantry hat pin in excellent condition.  Both wire loops remain intact on the reverse.  a very nice non-dug example.

Price: $110

Non-excavated Brass Civil War Cannon Artillery Insignia

Nice example of a Federal stamped brass artillery hat pin in excellent condition.  All four small wire loops on the reverse remain perfectly intact.  A very nice speciman for your collection.

Price: $195

.69 Caliber Buck and Ball

Nice examples of .69 caliber buck and ball projectiles.  these examples were dug outside of chattanooga, TN and have been reconstructed using hot glue to hold the smaller projectiles in place.  

Price:  Sold

Model 1859 Cavalry Bridle Bit with Curb Chain

This is a nice Model 1859 US Cavalry Bridle Bit with Curb Chain.  It is in very good overall condition, the iron surface of this artifact bears slight rust pitting and has acquired dark gray coloring in areas.  It has the U.S. brass 'bosses' on the side  and retains the curb chain which displays a rust covering.  The slobber bar on this one is missing which was common so the hroses could graze while on picket.  The inside bar of one of the arms is stamped "US".  A great example of a Bridle bit that would display well with any cavalry collection.

Price: $225    

ID'd 1853 Dated U.S. Springfield .69 Caliber Musket

This beautiful musket is fresh out of the family here in Middle Tennessee and was carried by John Basler of the 3rd Michigan Cavalry, Company "H".  The musket was acquired from John Basler's Great-Great-Great Nephew.  John Bassler was born in Switzerland in 1833 and immigrated to the United States several years before the war taking up residence in Michigan.  He joined the 3rd Michigan Cavalry and they were mustered into service at Grand Rapids, Michigan on November 1, 1861 and mustered out on March 15, 1866.  Interestingly John Basler was the Regimental Blacksmith which probably explains why he carried this type of weapon while serving in the cavalry.  The 3rd Michigan Cavalry was involved in the Western Theatre and participated in battles at Corinth, New Madrid, Island #10, Holly Springs, Lumpkin's Mills, Iuka, and fought with General Grant during the Mississippi Campaign.  In the winter of 1863-64 they were camped in LaGrange, Tennessee.  They left in May of 1864 headed to Little Rock, Arkansas and assisted in driving Confederate General Shelby beyond the Arkansas River and then marched on to Alabama where they were involved in the siege of Mobile at the end of the war.  John Basler moved back to Michigan and passed away on May 20, 1907 in Sanilac, Michigan and is buried in the Sanilac Cemetery.

The firearm itself is a Springfield .69 caliber musket dated 1853. It has a chocolate brown attic like patina.  This musket has not been altered in any way and remains in its original condition.  It is new to the market having been in the family's hands until just days ago.

Price: $1,450

Excavated Confederate Isaacs and Campbell Knapsack Buckle

Finding these two pieces dug together are getting harder to come by.  This is a beautiful example of this type of buckle which would have been on a soldeir's knapsack.  This was produced by Isaacs and Campbell of London and brought through the blockades to the Confederacy.  Nice deep chcolate patina on this one and the buckle arm moves freely.  The recovery location is unknown.

Price: $175

Union Carbine Sling Buckle and "Batwing"

This is a nice carbine sling buckle with brass belt tip or "batwing" as it is commonly known.  It has a nice woodsy patina and all 4 brass pins remain on the batwing.  The two tongues move freely on the sling buckle.  These were recovered together in the vicinity of Ft. Donelson.

Price: $160

1820's U.S. Rifleman's Powder Flask Id'd to James H. Walk

This is a U.S. Rifleman's Powder Flask that is copper with a brass top.  The flask has the presumed name of the soldier who carried it on both the front and back inside the bugle horn.  These "Public Property" flasks are seldon seen on the open market.  Because of the copper and brass content I had to take photos without a flash so I am happy to provide additional photos if requested, It is missing one screw at the top where the powder control lever is.  Lever works perfectly.  On the front of the flash the engraving inside the Bugle is "J.H. Walk" and in the bugle on the reverse side is engraved "James H. Walk".  Underneath the bugle on the reverse side is scrawled a date but you need a magnifying glass to read it.  It says "November 12, 1873" along with some type of symbol.  I didn't even notice it, my 12 year old son did but his eyes are a little younger than mine  :)  I didn't spend too much time researching but found the last name "Walk" is not too common.  I found one person from Pennsylvania who showed up in the 1840 census bearing that name who was 30-40 years old and born in Pennsylvania.  He shows up in the 1870 census but does not show up in the 1880 census.  Could November 12, 1873 be a death date?  Still a mystery that needs research and unraveling.

Price: $450

Civil War Era Dagger/Dirk

This is a very interesting 8" Civil War era Dagger/Dirk with a nice leather scabbard in very good shape.  I'm typically not one for giving a lot of validity to verbal stories but the story that accompanied this one certainly seems plausible.  The verbal story on this piece is that a Confederate soldier made this and gave it to his wife as a present.  It was a means to protect herself on the family farm alone with the kids while he was away at war.  He wanted the knife to be practical if needed and a way for her to know that he would always be watching over her so he incorporated his brass wedding band into the knife between the hilt and the handle.  While that is merely a story, the weapon certainly has a brass wedding ring attached and it probably didn't have the durability of a piece a soldier would want to take off to war with him so it makes sense it would be used by someone on the home front to protect themselves should the need arise.

Price: Sold

Model 1839 "Baby" U.S. Buckle

Non Excavated model 1839 U.S. Buckle commonly called the "Baby" U.S. buckle.  This speciman is in very good condition.  The arrow hook on the back has been shaved down and it can be clearly seen where that was done.  Given the even patina across the reverse of the plate the alteration was done 150+ years ago.  It would be hard to upgrade from this one.

Price: $350

Remington New Model Police Revolver

Fresh out of a 1950's era collection in Giles County, TN, this is a .36 caliber, five shot pistol with a 6.5” octagonal barrel known as the Police Model.  Remington produced 18,000 of these between 1863 and 1878.  The serial number on this one is 4339 which is located under the trigger guard and left grip.  Light, barely visible portion of the same serial number remains on the barrel under the loading lever.  I can't pin down the actual manfacturing date on this piece.  Top of barrel stamped “Patented Sept. 14, 1858/ E. Remington and Sons Ilion, NY/ New Model”.  No other markings on the gun.  The action is strong and it has a beautiful dark patina.  The trigger and hammer work fine but the handspring is broken and the cylinder does not rotate. There are reproduction parts available if you want to replace the handspring with a modern reproduction.   This is a very good example of this type of weapon.        

 Price:  $1,350

Old U.S. currency in Brentwood, TN, that you are sure to love

Confederate $50 Note - T14

This note has Moneta seated by treasure chests and a sailor at left.  This note is in uncirculated condition with a serial number of 700.  You can't upgrade this one.  Beautiful example.

Price: $265

Reduced to Sell  $200

Non Excavated Maynard Flat Nose Cartridge by Poultney

Excellent condition non excavated Maynard .50 caliber brass cartridge covered with paper wrapper.  This Maynard cartridge was produced by Poultney.  Much more scarce than the non Poultnery flat top Maynard cartridges.

Price: $50

Reduced to Sell  $45

Nice 1840's / 1850's era Powder Horn

This is a good solid example of a pre war powder horn for firearms.  Many Confede4rates left home in 1861 to join the war effort with their personal hunting rifle and equipped with a similar powder horn.  Great example of a transitional piece that began the war in great quantity and all but disappeared by the end of the war.

Price: $120

Confederate $50 Note - T8

Nice crisp uncirculated $50 Confederate note with George Washington's portrait in the center. "For" before "Treas'r" is printed, not handwritten.  This is a "C" series note with serial number 25410.  This note is printed on thin paper stock.  It is dated July 25, 1861, mere months after Virginia seceded from the Union.  One small nick in the upper left corner.  A rare note in excellent condition. 

Price: $450

Reduced to Sell  $350

Confederate $5 Note - T34

Nice crisp uncirculated $5 Confederate note.  It has a portrait of C.G. Memminger (first Secretary of the Treasury for the Confederate States) in the center and Minerva at right.  It is dated September 2, 1861. It is black print on plain paper with the "CSA" watermark in block letters (only the "SA" are visible.  It is cut cancelled and has the serial number 24647.  This is a top shelf note without a single crease in it and it would be extremely difficult to ever upgrade from this beauty.

Price: $440

Reduced to Sell  $350


Confederate $5 Note - T36

This note is in almost uncirculate to uncirculated condition.  It shows Commerce sitting on a bale of cotton in the center and a picture of a sailor at left.  It is dated September 2, 1861.  this is a series 10A with a serial number of 64900.  This is a harder to find note in this condition.

Price: $250

Reduced to Sell  $200

Confederate $2 Note - T42

This $2 note is in uncirculated condition and shows the South striking down the Union in the center and a photo of J.P. Benjamin at left.  It is dated June 2, 1862.  It is series 10 and bears the serial number 15849.    Impossible to upgrade this one.

Price: $225

Reduced to Sell  $175

Excavated C.S. Staff Officer's Coat Button

Nice "droop wing eagle" Confederate Coat Button dug on private property near the Stones River Battlefield in Murfreesboro, TN.  Brownish green woods patina.  No shank remaining on the reverse.

Price: $200

Excavated C.S. Staff Officer's Button - CS26A

This is a nice C.S. Staff Officer's Button commonly referred to as a "droop wing eagle".  Brownish green woods patina.  Recovered on private property near Chicamauga.  Shank broken but partially intact.  Some gilt remaining on reverse.

Price: $225

Excavated Coat Size Block I Confederate button

Very nice excavated two piece coat size button with a smooth chocolate brown patina.  One slight indention at 11:00 but not a digger's mark.  Nice straight shank with "EML & Co. / Richmond" backmark.  Nice Confederate Infantry coat button.

Price:  $ 165

Model 1816, Type III Springfield Conversion Musket

This Model 1816 conversion musket is a .69 caliber and both lockplate and barrel are dated 1837.  Originally a flintlock smoothbore musket, this rifle was most likely converted to percussion in the 1850's as were many of these rifles.  Marked "Spring/Field/1837" behind the hammer and an eagle with "U.S." under it in front of the hammer.  The top of the buttplate is also marked "U.S.".  Good non messed with conversion musket.

Price: On Layaway

Excavated Coat Size Confederate Infantry Button

This coat size Confederate Infantry button has a brass front and an iron back.  The shank remains though it is bent over.  The button is stable and has a nice brown patina to the front.

Price: $ 95

.69 Caliber Tower Bullet - M&M #217

Excellent example of a .69 caliber Tower bullet for a rifled musket. The cavity is a shallow cone.  This bullet was excavated in Corinth, MS and "Corinth, Miss" is written on the side of the bullet.

Price: $120

1861 Ames Non-Commissioned Officer's Sword

This 1861 Ames NCO sword is in great shape with leather scabbard intact.  There is one crease in the leather scabbard below the throat but no weak spots.  Markings on the blade are sharp and clear with a blade you can see your reflection in.  A good solid example of an NCO sword for your collection.

Price: $350

Confederate Staff Officer's Coat Button CS-5

Pristine condition CS-5 Confederate Staff Officer's Coat Button.  100% gilt and hard to upgrade from this one.  Top shelf Confederate button.  Extra Rich, Treble Gilt backmark.

Price: $275

Confederate Staff Officer's Vest Button CS-5b

Pristine Confederate Staff Officer's Vest Button CS-5b.  100% gilt and hard to updgrade from this one.  Matching button to the coat button above.  Extra Rich, Treble Gilt backmark.

Price: $255

Confederate  "Georgia Frame" Buckle

This is a nice excavated example of a "Georgia Frame" buckle.  This buckle was dug in McMinnville, TN and has a slight bend in at as found.  It is the standard style plate 152 in Mullinax's book.  Perfect starter Confederate buckle for your collection.

Price: $525